Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week 34

Im a little behind on this post, but I have a been crazy busy. Last weekend we had our first Dnow at the church and it was a huge success!! But it was definitely very tiring being prego and this far along. Its no wonder though, with Eli weighing in at around 5 pounds and possibly as long as 20 inches in length. Also his little fingernails are fully formed and reaching the edge of his fingertips!! You think Aaron will let me take baby E with me when I head out to get my next manicure?!?! Oh I doubt it, hes going to be all boy, just like his daddy!! Since I missed my weekly pic, the best comparison I can give you is a honeydew!! Once he becomes watermelon size it will be time for him to get here....we're sooo close !!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Featured Blogger This is a local arizona photographer who takes the most adorable baby photos. I really wanted to have maternity pictures taken but Aaron and I decided to go with the 4d photos instead. But you better believe when Eli gets here we will be taking him right over to see Michelle. Let me know what you guys think, or if you have any "must have" baby photos from when you took pics of your little ones!!

Suprise Baby gift

I dont know if its just because Im a housewife and dont get out much, but one of the most exciting parts of my day is when the mail comes....especially when its a surprise package!! Thats exactly what happened yesterday when I got a knock at the door, and opened it to find a rather large box outside my door. I ripped that package open before I even shut the door and was so excited to find Eli's baby gym inside! But it was the note inside that really made my day. This gift came from my sweet friend Jill. Jill and her husband Eric have the sweetest little baby girl, who sadly Ive only gotten to see once. Jill is one of those people who I have been through a lot with and cannot imagine my life without. We only lived together for 2 years but in that time we managed to put ourselves through grad school, and both get hitched. Then within 2 years from then we will both have little ones that we've added to our family. Oh Jill, I know you're far far away in Texas, but Im so glad we've entered so many life stages together, I cant imagine having done any of it without you. And you better believe I'll be calling for baby advice!! Love ya girl!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fuzzi Buns

I must confess that I know very little about diapering a child. In fact even in our newborn classes Aaron is the one who had to show me how to put a diaper on because our teacher just told us to practice like everyone already knew how. Any who, so this may be a decision made out of complete ignorance that Im regretting in a few months but we have decided to go with cloth diapers, at least part of the time. We decided on Fuzzi Bunz after all the great reviews we've heard from mothers. They're cute as can be so at this point that at least have that going for them, I'll keep you posted on how well they work once Eli gets here!!

Book Recommendation

Ever notice that what is going on your life seems to take over your reading life as well? I thought books were supposed to be a break from reality, but for me, they just seem to be the continuation of my life in literature. So as you can assume I have been reading a TON of baby books lately and I must say there was only one I felt honestly talked about pregnancy the way that it actually is....Jenny McCarthy is down right hilarious, and brutally honest! LOVE IT!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Newest Baby Gadget

Since reading about these in a parenting magazine I just had to have I bought them myself this week!! They are a fork and spoon that are weighted at the bottom to keep them from ever touching the ground. I have practiced dropping them to see if they work and for the most part they do! I wish the bottom ball was a little bigger, but after the initial touch of the ground the silverware does manage to right itself in an upwards position to keep it clean despite the clumsiness of little hands!! I would recommend these to anyone with a lil guy or gal.

Featured Blogger

I am OBSESSED with this blog. She has the best ideas for decorating, and the stories posted on the blog are so wonderful! I guarantee if you have a baby, or are pregnant you will enjoy this blog!! Just be prepared to spend hours reading, because I know you'll be hooked!!

One of my favorite parts of the blog are the birth stories, because as I prepare for Eli to arrive I love hearing how things went for others. If you would like to share yours I would love to hear them....all the good and the bad!! Either post me a comment or email me at!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 33

When we saw you on the big screen the other day the ultra sound tech said you were fresh out of room. However, according to the books you could grow another full inch this week. So let me reiterate this, we're out of room in there!! I want you to be tall later but Ide be ok if you werent 6 foot tall when you came out :)!! You're also putting on half a pound a week, but now that I've officially given up working out, and found an even greater love for all things chocolate, I think you may be putting on more than that. Well, and I've now seen your chubby little cheeks that reinforce that idea! Thankfully though you're still only showing right out front like my lil basketball and for that I am super thankful! In fact you're so big now that the amniotic fluid is not cushioning the blows anymore and I feel EVERYTHING, which I love. Youre more than entertaining!! The only time you're calm is in the mornings which I love because hey I'm not a morning person either, so feel free to sleep in even when you get here! Also my antibodies are passing onto you this week as your immune system continues to develop. I wish you got your dad's antibodies, hes much tougher than I, but we'll take what we can get, and we will keep you away from all the sick babies. I cant believe you'll be here in only 7 weeks.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Whos child is this....

Who do you think baby Eli looks like???

Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness

So Im addicted to March Madness, this is no secret, but I still understood that it was just a game...until today. Thats right, they have moved the coverage from one station to another in the middle of the Texas game because the President is addressing the nation, and well fans would rather watch the rest of the game. I dont know about you but I've never seen any of my other regularly scheduled shows jump stations to avoid getting bumped by a presidential address. Oh I love college basketball!! CBS please take notes and do this for survivor and big brother as well in the future!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Favorite part of the nursery...

However, on of my favorite things in the nursery is one of the oldest things in there. When is the last time that you saw one of these???? haha I cannot wait to play with this!!!!

Eli's Closet

Im not big on organization but I have had alot of fun with Elis closet. Everything is so small and cute, and reminds me that the more we get ready for him, the closer it gets to the day he'll be here with us!! My wonderful husband built me the shelves and then my mother in law hooked me up with these super cute lockers from Land of Nod. They are the perfect accessory for organizing a little boys room, and will be great to grow with him into his big boy room later!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Featured Blogger

So I am semi-obsessed with the blogging world and have found some other blogs I think you should invest some of your time in reading. I think I'll start featuring them on wednesdays to share the wealth!!

If you're looking for a good laugh, you should check out Rachels blog. For those of you who dont know her very well shes one who speaks her mind and hold nothing back. Perfect for every single girl you know!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

2 in 1 swing

I LOVE our new 2 in 1 swing/bouncer. Props to Natalie who told me about these...who even knew they existed. I am all about having less baby junk all over my house. Now dont get me wrong Eli will not go without I am sure but that doesnt mean it needs to look like Im running a day care center. I had actually never gotten to see it in person and when my wonderful inlaws bought it for me I couldnt even remember what it looked like...but thankfully the online pictures were spot on, it is the cutest swing I have ever seen and blends in nicely with our decor! Thank you so much for the swing, I know its going to save me a lot of time rocking Eli to sleep and even allow me to squeeze in a shower or 2!!

Week 32


Before I was pregnant with you I wasnt that type of girl where people talked to in public. No one ever approached me cuz I was cute, or seemed like this wonderful person full of knowledge, but with you...they always have something to say!

Random old man at the gym....(by the way if a pregnant woman drags her big ole behind out of bed to the gym and on to a StairMaster she is trying hard enough to breath on her own, please do not engage her in conversation) "when are you due? Im due in June (yes speaking of his chub gut!) Me....fake laugh Old man....continues to tell me what books I should read after I deliver so I can lose the weight Me(in my head)...i have a few more things to conquer before I get to the weight umm labor (out of my mouth) thanks I will totally check those out

Woman at Babies R Us..."WOW you are all baby"
Me(again just in my head)....As opposed to what? All basketball? All flab? Now dont get me wrong I am "all baby" and thankful for it but she works at a baby store, maybe she could have tried something a little more creative

Woman at Starbucks..."WHOA you're way pregnant"
This is true, Im huge, but now I am a little embarrassed because the truth is I didnt come to order coffee but to get a fork for the whole outback meal I brought with me to Bible I just say yup and ask for a fork....pregnant girls are hungry!!

Anywho...I guess I ought to get used to the strangers comments because I know you're gonna be so dang cute that everyone is going to want to talk to us. Hopefully that includes people from Baby Gap who will then provide all your clothing!!

This week you're weighing in at about 4 lbs and 19 inches long. Since you're almost here you're practicing all your necessary're sucking, and breathing and kicking. Also as you put on your little fat roles your skin is becoming less and less transparent!! Today we took the tour of the hospital and saw the rooms where you will actually be delivered. Then we went to the nursery and saw another new baby where your daddy said, "hes so cute I cant wait for ours to get here". Baby boy your daddy already loves you so much and he hasnt even met you. Only 8 more weeks...hold on baby we're almost there!

Monday, March 7, 2011

week 31

Ok so this makes me look a little bigger than I am on top (unfortunately that area hasnt changed much), but you get the idea with the belly. I asked Aaron if I should show what it really looks like, you know like a little sneak peek at my actual skin under there, but he says thats a little much for the blogging world. And just to make sure all my readers know that I did do this baby thing in the right order I have included a picture of my husband! Somehow without a bump he manages to escape all the photo ops but not this time!!
Eli, since you've been in there you have had your big ole head shoved up next to my left rib. In fact Im pretty sure you're going to come out with ripples in your head like Shane Battier (of Duke basketball fame)! Anywho, it causes for a pretty big pain in my side ALL the time, but today there was sweet relief...temporary...but oh so sweet. This morning I woke up and it appeared that you had flipped your little self over 180 degrees and were now head down. But as the day continued it feels like you're switching back and forth, so maybe you're just playing jokes on your momma! At this point you are more than 3 lbs and about 18 inches long. This week your brain connnections are developing at an impressive rate. You're also starting to perceive signals from all 5 senses and are already getting used to a sleeping schedule. Unfortunately for me you seem to sleep your fathers crazy schedule which means if hes gone you're up waiting for him to get home, no matter what time of night or day. Oh well, I guess Im used to my crazy boys already, whats one more? We're in the home stretch Eli, see you in 2 months :)!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eli's Car Seat

We got our car seat today from my fam (shout out to the folks, we love it!!!) and now we can legally bring Eli home from the hospital. Thats right, you may know CPR and love your child like crazy but without a car seat you're not going anywhere with that baby! I already have it on the stroller ready to go, and am excited to see that they match just as perfectly as we had hoped!! Soon he'll be all strapped in and ready to hit the running trails with his momma. I must admit however, that it took us about 10 minutes to figure out how to detach it from the base....hey we're new at this :)!! Guess we'll be doing a lot more practicing in the next 2 months. By the time he gets here Eli will think we're car seat experts!!

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