Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things I am currently OBSESSED with...

1. Gilmore Girls, I literally plan my day around this show, pathetic I know, but thats what happens when you dont have DVR and you're too cheap to buy!

2. Cook Yourself Thin, this is another TV show which sadly is on at the same time as Gilmore Girls, but it is worth the flip between, they show you how to cut every day meal calories by like is amazing. If anyone has read the book, let me know if its worth buying!

3. Otter Pops, I know Natalie already mentioned Popsicles on her page, but seriously, they really are the best dessert for a summer day with the smallest amount of calories. These are those ones you used to have as a kid! Oh and they only have 20 calories!!
4. Free to Be Me, by Francesca Battistelli
5. Whatever It Is, by the Zac Brown Band
(Please invest some money and download these two songs, AMAZING)
6. Running as fast as my husband...which is like a mile and a half in 10 min. HOLY MOLY!! I ran like .4 of a mile at his speed the other day and thought I was going to pass out! But I am not giving up....Im going to out run him one day, even if its literally the last thing I do. (which it might be at this speed, my poor heart!! )
Check out these 6 things, and I promise your day will improve :)!! Well the first 5 anyway, maybe not the running thing :)!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Life News

I have a huge praise report!! We have been visiting a church in Tucson since we got married, and finally joined this past weekend! The whole church family was so receptive to us, and have been so great to include us in everything! I met a couple of girls near my age too, I think we're going to hang out this weekend! I know that is such a small thing, but it would be huge to have friends here. I miss girl time.
I have been helping teach high school girls Sunday School, and will soon be leading out in that area, as the other girls graduate and move on. They have even asked me to attend three camps with them this summer...and well we know I LOVE CAMP :)!! In fact the church actually own their own camp up on a mountain here in Tucson. I havent been up there to visit, but am anxious to see it and suggest ways on how to grow it ;)!!
Aaron, who tends to be someone who stays out of the spot light is quickly becoming a huge favorite of everyone at church. He offered up his services to take the youth repelling on the mountain and even began talks about starting a small group with the music minister for those of us married couples who live way out here in the boonies :)!!
He is such an amazing husband who continues to surprise me daily at how selfless he is!

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