Sunday, February 27, 2011

Elis Bed

This will be Eli's first little home. I was so excited when it came in the mail that I didnt even wait for Aaron, I set it all up myself. Now for those who have children you're thinking, yeah yeah play pens are easy, but well...I had to bust out the instruction manual and everything. But in the end it was quite a success!! It is already in our room ready for baby Eli's first night at home! Im so excited that it has a place for him to sleep and be changed all within steps of my own bed. What a genius invention! Thanks Debbie and Donna...we love it!!


Thats right, you need to see it from both sides cuz its that good looking!! I have wanted one of these since we even started talking about having children! It is going to be my inspiration to get back to running when Eli gets here!! And the turning radius is AMAZING, so there will be no problems getting it in between the aisles at the mall :)!! Gotta plan for all things!!

March in the desert, who knew??

Thats right this is what we woke up to this morning!! Lets just say I was more than unprepared (Natalie, where was the heads up?). Thank goodness for a husband who cleaned off the snow on the car and heated it up for me. I did not sign up for this....but it was beautiful I must say!!

Week 30ish

Ok so there is a bit of disagreement when it comes to how far along I am. I have always measured between weeks, so where as I think Im at 31 weeks, the little tracker on my blog says 30 weeks today, so we will compromise on 30ish!! Our little chunk is over 3 pounds now and I can definitely tell a difference. Im going to officially break down and go shopping for maternity clothes this week because well Im fresh out of clothing items that cover this big ole bump! And if Eli is supposed to gain half a pound a week for the next 7 weeks its only going to get harder to get dressed. His brain is also growing every day, getting its little wrinkles and grooves. Hes also begun to shed his hairy little exterior as he learns how to regulate his own body temperature. Speaking of temperature did you know that once he gets here my body is designed to compensate for what his does not fully know how to do? So if hes cold and I pick him up my temperature can actually alter as much as 4 degrees in order to warm him up! This is only one of the amazing things I learned at baby classes this week. I dont know how anyone can have a baby and not believe in the presence of God, he has designed this so perfectly!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

26 YEARS old

It seems really weird to refer to something in years instead of months considering its all baby talk these days...but on Friday I turned the big 26!!! So for the big celebration my wonderful husband treated me to a day at the spa. I had an amazing hour long massage followed by a much needed mani pedi. Then we hit up PF Changs for dinner. Their orange chicken always hits the spot!! And somewhere in the middle of all that was a trip to anthro. Isnt he the most amazing husband?? Well that was our last birthday to celebrate without a little one and we lived it up!! Now I am all relaxed and ready for baby Eli.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Nursery additions

So although I may be opposed to "themey" nurseries, my husband is a sucker for cute little stuff for our baby boy. So we are compromising by doing a little bit of everything. We searched and searched for decals we could agree on and finally found this sweet packet of animals that went really well with the tree we already had.

The middle picture is our new MANLY rug for baby Eli's room. Its a standard issue military blanket and fits perfectly in the room as a rug. And for only $20 you just cant beat the price!!

Next step...bedding! My mom is making it for me and I could not be more excited. I will post those pictures as soon as we get all of it finished!

Valetines Day

We are big breakfast fans in our household so although we wont be going out to dinner we did enjoy a VERY sweet valentines morning! It consisted of chocolate chip pancakes...shaped like hearts of course!! And...chocolate covered strawberries. Lets just say ALL my boys had a happy valentines morning thanks to all the chocolate, they're so easy to please, even baby Eli, who cannot get enough of the sweets!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

week 29

This week Eli is starting to look more like Aaron did as a baby...husky!! haha According to the books he is about as long as he will be when hes born, but hes got lots of chub to put on!! He is about 3 pounds and 17 inches long. It seems to me like hes getting too big to have any room to move but that is definitely not the case. In the last 2 days I have discovered that he loves him some juice, and kicks up quite a storm when I drink it!! As for mama this week I start to kick for joy when I eat my thin mints!! Thats right, it took me some time to find, but I finally hit the jackpot on girl scout cookies and cannot get enough of them! Dont judge; this is my last week at 25 so I have to live it up. Also I feel like this is the last time I can do anything know like once you pass 25 and have a baby you pretty much have to be an "adult." So if you have any suggestions on something you wish you would have done back in the day when you were 25 you should post your ideas!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 28

According to what I read baby Eli you're now positioned for delivery, i.e. head down. But lets be honest, based on how you kick and punch me there is no way you are sitting still in one spot!
You're 2.5 pounds, and the bigger you get the happier I get, because that means more of this big ole bump weight belongs to you!! You're also about 16 inches long, and who the heck knows how you fit in there anymore. Your dad is worried about you being bored in there, and about how I lay, because he doesnt want you to have to be upside down. I assured him that our bump is not directional and that you're loving life in there, so make sure you tell him that when you get here in May! This week you've started blinking!! And you started practicing one of my favorite things in life....REM sleep! Please keep that up when you get here, cuz your momma loves her sleep!!!! Baby Eli, only 3 more months, we're in the home stretch! See you soon lil one!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


So here is something that would have been good to know. Just because you live it the middle of the desert doesnt mean your pipes wont freeze! Thats sitting in my house right now without any water!! Thank goodness I have friends who are smarter than me and have offered up their homes for showers. Here is to livin and learnin! I have a feeling this year there is going to be a ton of ah ha moments like this!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cribs and Cars

Its official, we're having a baby. Yes I have a baby bump, and I've seen the baby on the ultrasound, but with the crib in our house somehow it seems even more real! After months of research my husband finally found a deal he was happy with and we placed an order for our crib on Amazon. Thats right, like Rachel has been telling us for years, you can get EVERYTHING on that website!! Any who, so I didnt do the research or for that matter put it together, but I am still in love with it and cannot wait to get the little guy home to show him his bed! I think hes gonna love it!!
And notice the cute little cars...those are Aaron's purchase for Eli. Its going to be their first project together. Now I am not sure if you can see but the packaging says for 4 and older, but hey why not go ahead and buy them so that we'll be prepared. I love how guys plan for babies!!

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