Friday, December 21, 2012

Random Cuteness!

Santa Visit

Booya got my hat off! is magic...where did he come from.

Watching a little toy train that ran along the roof of the real train car.

So scared of the manican on boar the train...hilarious!!

Who is this guy?

Yup dont know him..

How long is this thing gonna take Im scared?

Why is everyone laughing...this is NOT funny...

Ok Im outta here

Ok I can breathe...that scary old man is gone, and we're on the train outta here.

Hmmm...not so sure about this either.  Pretty dark out here.

Yeah...with my mummy headed home.  Praise the Lord. And yes for some reason he calls me Mummy....who knows how I got a blonde haired British child.

Sims Family Christmas

 Let the FUN begin!!!!!!!
 Dont tell Eli, but this is a hand me down from a guy Aaron works with.  But he loved it.  I cant even begin to imagine the items we will find stuffed into the tent.  Good times.

 This is the last in a series of shots.  Our little man has quite the arm.  Luckily his dad has reflexes to match.
 Hmm...not sure about this stocking thing...but it does come with Candy so it cant be too bad!
 Best purchase ever...he LOVED his backpack.  Would have worn it all night I think if it was up to him.

 Our first set of finger paints!!
 Sporting Dads new beanie.
 Anyone have any suggestions for getting a good family photo with a one year old?? No luck here!

Just for comparison sake I added a photo from last Christmas.  I know its hard to tell but in the last photo he is rocking the same Santa shirt as he did last year for Christmas, only this time he and his personality ( and attitude) are much bigger!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

18 Months

These monthly posts used to be easy for me to write because you slept all the time, however the older you get the less time I have to break away and jot down some special thoughts about you.  You're all about the computer so if I bring you in here with me, I get nothing done and you sir get in trouble.
18 months:

*I made you a 1 1/2 year birthday cake and invited you to help.  Little did I know that you're now tall enough to reach the counter.  So that's what you did, you reached up, grabbed an egg, and threw it at the ground...thanks a lot!

*27.5 lbs

*34.25 inches tall

*close to growing out of your size 7 shoes

*You are OBSESSED with basketball.  Our neighbors across the street have a goal and if you even catch a glimpse of it through the door you start throwing a fit because you want to go play.

*You LOVE the gym, it is the only place I can leave you where you don't cry.  And every day when I pick you up you immediately run to the hand sanitizer.  Good boy...we hate germs!

*You just celebrated your second Halloween and you loved it!!  You love other kids anyway so the fact that they rang your doorbell was the greatest thing ever.  You even helped daddy put the candy in their  baskets.

*You are a daddys boy thru and thru.  Anything daddy does, you do.  You can now do pushups, weight lifting, and planks.  You're working on pullups but still need some help.  You also are great at stretches.  You walk around the house with your weights and furiously try to learn daddys new exercises.  You also eat whatever he eats, including 5 star steaks.  Loved you some Flemmings!
Oh and of course like dad you always want to "mell good" and run to the bathroom cabinet every morning for your spritz of cologne, or what dad calls the finishing touch

*Mom is only good for night time.  You want me around only when its time for bed or you are in trouble because you know I am far more lenient than your dad.

*You love people and say hi and bye to everyone.  You stand on our back porch and wave to every car and person that goes by, however there is a bit of a delay so they're usually gone by the time you're waving.

*You are still only saying a few words but you understand so much more.  You know what ball and shoe mean, probably because they're so tangible for you. 

*You're finally sleeping through the night 100% of the time which makes mom and dad much happier people.

*Favorite Foods:  Macaroni and Cheese, Sweet Potato squeezy packs

*First night without mom and dad:  October 4-6 with Mamaw, you didnt miss us one bit.

*You love to read books but you usually only make it through half before your on the move again.

*Still sleep every night with your boppy and Mr. Bear

*Nicknames: Munchy, Bubba, Little Man, Bubbaruski, Muchelstilskin....pretty much you never hear your real name so good luck with learning that

*You started coloring now, but dont always understand that it goes on the paper, not mommys floor.

*You would always prefer to be outside to in, and never leave home without a ball in hand.

*You think your ear is called your hello

Please excuse the huge red mark on his face but he took a big fall on the ground right before picture time :*(

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


My sweet friend Natalie has been so gracious to loan Eli the clothes Hays has grown out of.  We appreciate it so much, and they are such cute quality clothes.  I meant no offense when dressing our little hobo in one of her shirts.  Only our hobo would be decked out head to toe in gap clothes.  Im sure this is not what Natalie had in mind when purchasing that wonderful flannel shirt. 

(No clothes were harmed in the making of the hobo costume!! :)!!)  hahahaha

Random Cuteness

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Lilypie First Birthday tickers