Friday, March 20, 2009

Basketball in Full Swing...

My apologies for not posting the webpage on my blog for those of you who needed direction to building your bracket but we have been having computer problems lately :*(! We have been having trouble for the last couple of months with our charger, but my husband assures me that it will continue to work. So after 4 days of no computer it has finally come back to life.

March Madness is now in full swing, and as usual is anything but predictable. The number 1 seed teams seem to be having the most trouble holding off they 16 seeds. However UNC made me proud when they showed up to represent with a 50 pt spread by the end of the game.

April...this is what I think of your choice of Pitt winning the whole thing. That was just a stinky idea on your part!! haha!! You're going down...even though you're beating us in both brackets right now!
Haley I dont have anything bad to say about your pick yet, but give me time....Im sure I'll come up with something!! lol!
And no Natalie, unfortunately I am still in Texas and not betting on these games in Vegas. However, Haley did pass on some information about a website where betting could become a real possibility from the comfort of my very own couch! And that is your fault're the one who took me to Vegas and introduced me to how addicting it could be to bet on games!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I love March...

March is our favorite month of the year. We cannot wait for March Madness to get underway. Selection Sunday is tomorrow, and Tuesday the games begin!!!

Today the teams played the last championships before the seeds are set. Though Syracuse was unable to secure the spot as the Big East Champion, they were able to put on quite a show. After like 7 overtimes in the last 4 days, this team put up quite a fight. Im pulling for these guys, especially Johnny Flynn...excellent player! Maybe they'll even go all the way, we'll have to see how they're ranked tomorrow in the brackets.

Check back tomorrow, I'll add a link where to go fill out your own bracket. And if anyone is up for a friendly bet, Aaron and I are never against putting money up on our brackets.

YEAH FOR MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Joys of being a home owner...

So I went home to check on our house this weekend, and finally decided how we can be the one house on the street with a green yard....thats right...WEEDS!!

I know my camera cut off the bottom half, but look at this weed that has grown in only a few weeks. At first I almost watered it thinking it was one of my plants. But no, it was a weed, one of many that covered my yard. This was the first time I really missed living in an apt. Oh the bliss of simply having beautiful landscape without lifting a finger.

Then I had to try pulling newspaper out of our pool drains with one of those long pool poles. Now dont get me wrong, Im not opposed to cleaning the normal leaves and what not out of our pool, but I am almost convinced people walk on the street behind our house and just throw stuff in the pool. I think the whole dang newspaper was in those drains...ornery little paper boy!

After that I just ran some water through all of our plumbing to make sure it was still up and running. If anything is going to happen in your house, you better hope its not the plumbing that messes up. Talk about dirty clean ups, and yes this is speaking from experience. Dont worry I'll spare you the dirty details, and just tell you, Im glad we have a rocky yard, just spray it down and keep on trucking.

But it all pays off...this whole house thing. I mean you get to design it any way you want, and you feel really blessed when you keep a plant alive. See plum tree stage right :)!!

Secretly though, Im fairly certain anyone could keep things alive in AZ. All the plants can stand the extreme heat and dont require much water. So yes, I've only watered this tree like 3 times in the last 6 months and look at it go, but Im going to take credit for it anyway. Well and give God some props for creating such a beautiful thing able to stand the desert climate.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


So my in-laws came to visit this past weekend. They were our first visitors since we got married back in October. Honestly, I have never felt more like an adult. For the first time, I was in the master bedroom, and was responsible for cooking all the meals....WHOA!!
While they were here we went over to the Border Patrol Museum. It was quite an eye opener, just to see how many have given their lives in that particular line of service. I think often since they're not "military" they get dismissed as being a vital part of our national security. The new show "Homeland Security" seems to at least be giving America a taste of what these agents deal with on a regular basis.
While they were here we also started competing on who could get the best score in Solitaire. I know that doesn't sound that exciting, but believe me, with three computers in the room the competition got pretty fierce. My best score so far has been 710 as shown below, but my father in law is already at 730, so I better get back to the game! Give it a shot, flip the cards one at a time, and try to only go through the pile once! SO HARD!! :)!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thank goodness I am married...

Well, honestly every day since I have been married I have woken up grateful for that truth, but never more so than this morning.

Did anyone else watch the last bachelor episode last night?

Thank goodness I am not single with those kind of men out there running around, pretending to be looking for a happily ever after.

What a joke!!! All season we have listened to poor Jason cry woe is me only to turn around and do the exact thing that Deanna did.

Im not a fool, I dont watch these reality shows thinking they're actually going to get married, but I do watch in hopes that these people will at least open themselves up to the possibility of true love. The only problem with that is that they're not Christians, and without that cannot understand what love truly is...

Love is patient--does not give up after six weeks; it fights to make it work

Love is not self seeking--doesn't want to try everyone on for size before picking a wife

Love never fails--and well this one is just doomed from the get go

Anyway...props to Melissa for calling him out, and shame on Molly for taking him back. The Millionaire matchmaker says, if you're not his first choice then hes not that interested! Amen sister!! He had his chance to choose Molly and chose not to, so why now? I just wish she could see that shes worth more than second best.

To my single friends...I promise there are still good Christian guys out there...ones that wont change their mind after 6 weeks!!!!!

Heck....posting about reality TV, maybe I should find a hobby...haha!

Monday, March 2, 2009

On the move...

With my husbands job we're never certain of where we're going to end up. We're currently residing in a less than beautiful city in West Texas. Having just moved across country I was wary of yet another move, no matter how temporary. Though I came in expecting the worse, it has as usual proved to be quite an adventure.

While we've been here we have gotten a dog...well actually 2 dogs. The first was the sweetest, most lovable puppy ever. However he was huge, probably as tall as my husband on his back legs! He was a little clumsy and a bit of a goofball, but he was so obedient and so stinkin adorable. However, he broke one of his teeth and has been sent to Dallas for some extensive mouth surgery. Im hoping Rico pulls through just fine :)!!

Then there was Rocky....oh hes a trip. Hes about half the size of Rico and twice the width. He's not quite as obedient, but at least there is never a dull moment now around the house! Lets just say he loves to be next to his dad at all times, no matter if hes fixing food in the kitchen or relaxing on the couch....there's ROCKY!!!

For those of you who have never been to West Texas, I have included a few pictures to show you that the movies really do depict this area correctly....

The first one is a real life tumbleweed!! Look behind the rear tire, yup there it is! It was under my truck but my husband rescued me from the crazy plant life of the west and passed it on to the next vehicle. I'll be honest, I always thought those were just something the movies added, but oh no...they're everywhere!!

The second is a mountain pass I see every day! It is beautiful! But obviously very dry...not to much grass here either!!

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