Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Shots

I know he had a rough go at his 2 month check up with all the shots, but he was so cute covered in his first little band-aids that I couldnt resist taking pictures. Gotta love you some looney tunes...they make everything better!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hanging out with the Grandfolks and Aunt Rae Rae

My little man loves his grandparents :)!! And in the one with my dad he looks like he is just about to laugh. I cant wait for those days to start. If his smile is already so wonderful I cant even imagine how precious his laugh will be!!

Old School Humor

So its late at night, my baby is asleep and Im flipping through the channels when I stumble upon "Clarissa Explains it All". For one I cannot even remember the last time I saw this show...who knew they played reruns of this. Anywho...then the funniest thing happened.

The station throws up a twitter post that said...Clarissa DIDNT explain blankets with sleeves!!

So that got me thinking what else didnt Clarissa explain? Oh so many things...

Sirius Radio
Cell Phones that ring through car radios instead of being the size of car radios
The end of the space program
The loss of poor Pluto (the planet not the dog)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Crazy Eyes

I hope these make you laugh as much as my little monkey makes me laugh every day!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Flight

Best Baby ever!! 3 legs of the flight in each direction and no crying! Thank you Jesus!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

2 Months Old

Little Man you are the most adorable baby ever and we absolutely love you to pieces!! At two months old you already have quite the personality. You are starting to smile more regularly and even laugh every now and then! You love to move your arms and legs very quickly as if running in place, it totally cracks me up!! Your favorite place seems to be your changing table...I am not sure why but you seem to be so happy when we lay you down on it. You are very aware of what is going on around you and are now able to focus your eyes and follow your dad and I around as we move about the room. This month you had to get your first set of shots, 3 in one day, but you handled it like a trooper! You screamed at the lady when she poked you with the needle but were ok as soon as she pulled it back out of your little leg. You also took your first flight this month back to Texas. Everyone could not believe how good you were on the planes (thats right 3 both ways), not even one cry!! You loved Texas and are just as eager as we are to move back! You slept better there than you ever have, and got spoiled rotten by both sets of grandparents. All in all a pretty successful trip and month!! Happy 2 Months little man, we love you!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

No Posting Allowed

Dear Blogger,

Why can I never post comments on other peoples pages? Have I angered you so that you have revoked my rights? I am forced to go around you and blog my comments as a post....


I cannot believe Anthro is going to open a wedding store...not sure there could be anything better. That is except for having Eli as a ring bearer. We will have to work on the walking thing, but hes ready when you are!!!


How sweet is your little fan. I love that you bought the two of you matching hair clips, please post a picture of you sporting yours. And I love that Hays already has so many favorites at just a year old! Or that you at least get to enjoy yours while celebrating him!


Your visit was just as much needed on my end. I miss having good friends around to goof off with and relax with, and well just do nothing with. We have a promise though...I have two years to be at your door step, so we know it wont be longer than that!! Cant wait to meet your baby girl. And this time maybe we can find a place that actually lets us get a much needed massage! I hope your baby boy is doing well...please post an update when you can!

So for those of you out there who feel I am ignoring you please understand that I am reading, and depite my firm belief in NFR (no free reads) that is what I am limited to until further notice!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fourth of July

When Aaron was little he used to spend the Fourth of July at the Rangers game in Dallas, so we thought there was no better way to spend Eli's first 4th!! We headed over to the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and he had the best time!! No crying at all just one happy boy who watched the game and loved the fireworks that followed!!

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Lilypie First Birthday tickers