Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The big 27!

This time we're talking about my age instead of the little mans, and thank goodness we quit counting in months for me a long time ago! Or well that would be a lot!!
A lot has changed since the last birthday...mostly because of that little man sitting next to me! But it was the best year yet!! I spent my birthday with my two favorite people, and could not have asked for me.
Yes, that is cheesecake from the cheesecake factory in front of me, that is where I go for all my big events. Ate there before we got engaged, before we had the baby, and to celebrate every birthday, and you know...some given sundays!! hahaha

For my birthday I received a copy of Kisses from Katie, and wow, is it challenging everything I believe and inspiring me to do so much more. So here is to 27, and making this year count.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rubber Ducky

We introduced E to the rubber ducky this week, and it was a huge success!! Made bath time much smoother!! But now ducky goes everywhere with us. Good thing he'll get his own bath in the tub! Oh yeah and we're in the big tub these days and E loves the freedom!

9 Months

E Diddy,

Yes that is what we call you these days...pretty much we always refer to you as some nick name. Hopefully in all the confusion you still learn what your real name is. You're now nine months old, and just had your last "baby" appointment at the doctor. He said the next time we come for your 1 year visit you will be considered a toddler :*(!! How did that happen already?
Well you're measuring in at 21.6 (62 %) pounds, and are 30.1 (93 %) inches long. You're right on track for motor skills but are a little behind in communication. Honestly, you're just too busy moving to worry about sitting down to chit chat. Although your favorite play toy is the phone, so there is still hope yet!! You love the puppy and watch him non stop. He is far more interesting to you than either of your parents. You're always doing what you know you're not supposed to. You will actually start crawling toward the laundry room or the bar stools that we have repeatedly told you not to climb on, turn around, look at us and smile then move as fast as you can to the restricted area.
You absolutely LOVE the park and the zoo. I think it is still because you love the other little kids, and not so much about the slides or animals, but that will come with time. You absolutely hate the baby swings, but could spend hours crawling around in the grass, or trying to go up the slide.
You put everything in your mouth...grass, socks, phones, paper..whatever you can get your hand on. But you wont eat anything other than baby food. We have tried puffs, and eggos, and cheese, and you will have none of it. Heaven forbid you actually eat food thats edible.
You're very alert. If you hear the washer or the door you immediately swing in that direction and want to know what is going on. You still dont like the sun very much, but lil man if we're going to be in AZ you better get over that. You have two bottom teeth, and your top left fang is coming in too. You FINALLY have your schedule figured out and are sleeping through the night. Now if your dad could just get on the right schedule too, we would be in business!!
Your favorite food is sweet potatoes. Your favorite toys are anything that fits in your mouth or makes noise. You like to be free, you always try to crawl out of your high chair and bouncy seat, and are unhappy if you're not free to crawl as you please.
When you get tired you get really clumsy, so at night there are lots of falls. You still take a pretty good nap in the afternoon which I really appreciate. All in all you're a happy baby, as long as we feed you what you want, let you be free to crawl around, and give you all our attention!! haha

We love you lil man. Happy 9 months

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Family Day at the Zoo

Aaron finally got to join us at the park this week! As usual Eli was more entertained by the other children than the animals, but when the weather is nice, it is the perfect place to take the lil man. Please note the old man fuzz hair on the elephant! so funny!!

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Lilypie First Birthday tickers