Sunday, April 7, 2013

21 Months


We were back in Texas for your 21 Month birthday but thankfully GG had your shirt ready to roll for picture time.  Dad was out of town so you and I spent a couple weeks hanging with friends and family.  You were a trooper for sure...for 7 nights in a row we slept somewhere different which included 3 flights and 10 hours+ in the car.  I did however learn how much you loved the in car entertainment packaged that MJ has.  You were a sucker for watching movies while we drove, it entertained you for hours.  You did so good hanging out with Mr. Frank, Hays and Taylor.  You didnt even mind that I was gone for the afternoon and for that I am both thankful and sad.  I love that you're ok by yourself and love playing with your friends, but I do have to say sometimes I miss the sweet days where all you wanted was Mommy.  You're still the best snuggler around and would always prefer to share a bed with Mom and Dad if you had the choice.  You loved meeting lady Lennon but she really didnt love you...however Lake thought you were pretty funny!  You're a little unsure about MJ and Papaws house...the have huge puppies (deer) in the backyard and scary yet enticing machine called a 4 wheeler.  Its much bigger than the 4 wheeler you have at home with A LOT of fun buttons....but is loud...maybe we like?  At GG and Grandpas you were terrified of the train across the street and refused to go outside after hearing it come by.  Thankfully Grandpa had tons of empty boxes for building HUGE towers inside!!  All in all this month we learned you love to make loud noises but hate to hear them!!  Aunt Rae Rae can vouch for that since you were probably the loudest at her house!!  You also learned how to say most of the family names which is fun!  As a whole January was pretty fun for you and you learned tons just by being around all the other littles.  

We love watching you grown.  Happy 21 Months.

22 Months


You're 22 Month picture session was cut short because I decided to shoot it at the park.  Unfortunately you took one turn down the side, freaked out and cried until I put you in the stroller to go home.  Thankfully however just as we were about to head home a little girl showed up and saved the day because as always you're a sucker for little girls.  You have been a HUGE flirt since you arrived and it only gets worse as you get older.  We're finally back at the gym/church since flu season is over and you are thrilled.  You absolutely love other little kids and now have no problem leaving mom and dad behind to play.  You're still in size 4 diapers and Dad as usual thinks you're under weight.  I however...think you're a tank!  You seem so big compared to all the other lil people your age and I think you will grow into a big strong man one day! You still love dance parties and I often think that Dads record player was more a gift for you than him.  You love to repeat every word you know in order.  So once you start talking its not so much sentences as just you bragging about your vocabulary.  You also love to use moms new camera and are constantly asking to take pictures...but are far less cooperative when it comes to me taking your picture.  You learned what it means to go under, over and though with our backyard fence and love to go "under" all the time.  You're totally unconcerned with the fact that it means laying down on rocks.  This last month you got to see A LOT of snow.  We took you to Denver and had a few snows here in Tucson.  You LOVED sledding down the small hills in Colorado but are a little unsure of all the layers we made you wear.  The gloves we especially confusing and will take some getting used to as you get older.  You were a champ again on the flights and we much enjoyed flying with you one last time for free!!  You're a huge fan of all the neighborhood dogs and spend much of the day asking me where the puppies are.  The same is true for your Dad....he was off a lot this last month so when you woke up to no dad you were very unsure of how you felt about that.  However no matter how much you miss him you still head straight for the dog every day when they get home.  One day soon you'll know your dad is much better than any ole puppy. 

We love you little Munch.  Happy 22nd Month!

23 Months

Eli Wesson,

You are one energetic little man.  You are going full force from the minute your feet hit the floor but thankfully that is still only when momma comes to rescue you from the crib.  You have yet to figure out that you can climb out even though you have been tall enough for quite a long time.  Your dad and I are very thankful for that. 

*You're on a very good, consistent schedule for the first time in your life.  You wake up at 9, nap for 2 hours in the afternoon and hit the hay at 10:30 pm.  It is perfect, we love that you're still a night owl.

*You love morning Bible time but only if you get to hold one of our books.  Soon you'll be reading them to me.

*Your favorite toy by FAR is moms IPAD.  But no matter what time of day or what you're doing you would always rather be outside, and are willing to give up the IPAD for outside time.

*Your vocabulary is expanding like crazy....FACE and NOSE are our favorites because you pronounce them so sweetly.  Your have also added pretty much every animal...although you still think that cows are called moos!  You love Noahs ark and love to match up all the animals...two by two.

*Your new obsession is horse racing and could spend hours watching horses run around the track with spoiler alert we are taking you to the tracks for your birthday.

*You're a VERY good eater for your dad  but will hardly eat anything all day when you're home with mom.  The only thing I can still count on you to put down in bulk is "pleases"or fruit snacks.

*You're tough as nails.  You took your first hard spill the other day on gravel and skinned up both legs and elbows but didnt even bat an eye. 

*You think you're much bigger than you are and much prefer playing with the older kids.  In fact you got kicked out of your one year old Sunday School class a month early because they said..."He's good but rough.  I think he can handle himself in with the 2 years olds".  Guess we're moving on...

*You finally started saying "Love you".  Although it is not consistent we still love when we hear it!

*You throw EVERYTHING in the pool no matter how many times Dad and I tell you NO.

*You prefer riding in Dads truck to moms car because its fun to have boy time!

*Favorite outfit is unfortunately your Halloween pants.  You call them "britches" and ask for them every time you see them.  You also LOVE boots and most times just go to your room and come out wearing your rain boots.  You seem to think they go with EVERY outfit.  Although they do not, I let this slide since you're one.  But we are not giving on the Halloween pants...those are not allowed in public. 

*Your best friends are probably Brayden and Van but will gladly hang out with any cute girl you can find.

*You're in the phase of not sharing...especially when it comes to balls, which hopefully we can break you of quickly.

Other than that you still have blue eyes and VERY blonde hair and the cutest smile on the planet.  You bring us so much laughter and are definitely the life of the party...especially if it is a dance party.  We love you more than words can say.  Happy 23 Months Bubba.

(Not the greatest pictures because it was so bright...will retake soon!)

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