Friday, December 21, 2012

Random Cuteness!

Santa Visit

Booya got my hat off! is magic...where did he come from.

Watching a little toy train that ran along the roof of the real train car.

So scared of the manican on boar the train...hilarious!!

Who is this guy?

Yup dont know him..

How long is this thing gonna take Im scared?

Why is everyone laughing...this is NOT funny...

Ok Im outta here

Ok I can breathe...that scary old man is gone, and we're on the train outta here.

Hmmm...not so sure about this either.  Pretty dark out here.

Yeah...with my mummy headed home.  Praise the Lord. And yes for some reason he calls me Mummy....who knows how I got a blonde haired British child.

Sims Family Christmas

 Let the FUN begin!!!!!!!
 Dont tell Eli, but this is a hand me down from a guy Aaron works with.  But he loved it.  I cant even begin to imagine the items we will find stuffed into the tent.  Good times.

 This is the last in a series of shots.  Our little man has quite the arm.  Luckily his dad has reflexes to match.
 Hmm...not sure about this stocking thing...but it does come with Candy so it cant be too bad!
 Best purchase ever...he LOVED his backpack.  Would have worn it all night I think if it was up to him.

 Our first set of finger paints!!
 Sporting Dads new beanie.
 Anyone have any suggestions for getting a good family photo with a one year old?? No luck here!

Just for comparison sake I added a photo from last Christmas.  I know its hard to tell but in the last photo he is rocking the same Santa shirt as he did last year for Christmas, only this time he and his personality ( and attitude) are much bigger!!

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers