Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby E

Check out the spit pool on my belly!! Haha this made my day...his little belly sticks out so far he cant help it!!

He tried so hard to stay up for the Monday night game, but crashed right before kick off!
Go Cowboys! cute!!!

I miss Texas...and my grandparents!!

Remember "When" sday

Remember Billy Ray Cyrus before he had highlights in his hair and was known for being Miley's dad? Remember when you used to rock Achy Breaky Heart on repeat? Remember when you wanted a mullet...oh wait that was NEVER!!

Side note to last week's remember while I was eating at Chilis I overheard the waitress say that you could buy a slap bracelet to support cancer research. Oh yeah...their on their way back, and this time working for a good cause!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things Im Loving

Loving this skirt from H&M and all the other finds from the Nate Berkus show...30 Fall Trends for under $150

Show and Tell Blog where I found this adorable table

The Cold weather blowing in and of course....

This little guy..

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mason Jar Monday #3

Just in time for the upcoming holiday,

Just grab a few jars, some paint, and battery operated tea lights!! And there you have, a super fun, cheap craft that all your trick or treaters will love!!

Thanks to my MIL for the heads up on this crafty idea!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Remember "When"sday


Oh my, I can remember when I was in kindergarten and we got paired with 5th graders called "special friends". And my special friend Haley gave me my very first slap bracelet!! I had forgotten all about this fun little accessory until the movie "To Save a Life" came out. In order to promote the film to local teens the marketing company sent us slap bracelets!! How can you not love you a good slap bracelet????!!! Love em!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


If I had twins I would dress them alike every day!! But I only have one, so I do the next best thing...dress him like his daddy!!!!

Mason Jar Monday #2

Ok this is too easy for words and totally adorable!!

The original blog post listed this as an idea for wedding decor, but I think it would work for absolutely any dinner party or get together. I am envisioning a dinner party in southern Alabama with lanterns hung in the trees, the wind is blowing, everyone is sporting their finest cowboy boots and these decorate the dinner table! Now I dont live in Alabama, and there is no wind blowing here, but I do have some cowboy boots, so sign me up for hosting a dinner party just to use this idea!

First Day at the Park

Where we live grass is a precious commodity. So with a few minutes to spare between hitting up the airport and waiting for Costco to open we headed to a local park to give out little man his first introduction to grass!! And let me just tell you...he loved it!! And how appropriate that it was actually grass on a baseball field. He is destined to go pro :)!! Or be a preacher...or garbage man. Whatever...just fun to dream!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

4 Months

So I am a few weeks behind, but in my life these days, lets just say I am glad to be finally getting some time at the computer. From an ER visit and a couple doctor follow ups we have been just trying to get healthy!! Anywho...

Baby E

You're a rollin fool. Its all your dad and I can do to keep you from rolling off the couch or changing table. You have moved back into our room because you've been sick for the past couple of weeks and we just cannot let you be that far away from us when you dont feel well. It is your first sickness, but you're taking it like a champ!! Minus pushing all your antibiotics out when we put them in your mouth. That leads us to your next development milestone. You're now thrusting your tongue which is hilarious and yet makes feeding time so hard!! You laughed for your first time the other day which was absolutely precious and we cannot wait till you are laughing up a storm!! You still burst into tears every time we sneeze and laugh, but hopefully you will get over that soon! You had to get another round of shots this month at the check up, but like the last time you yelled at the nurse who poked you and then went right back to being ok! At the check up you weighed in at 15lbs 6oz and are already 27 inches long!! Thats in the 97%!! You can now see across the room and follow our voices wherever we are. However, the bottle is your favorite thing to follow. Its amazing how fast you go from screaming to happy when you see your bottle coming. You still sit through all of church without a fuss and LOVE you some music. One of your favorite things is when daddy sings to you. I have started trying to teach you how to two step by listening to old Randy Travis classics, but right now I must saying I am the one carrying our duo! : )!! You recently got a Clifford dog and are the happiest when he is in sight!! And you sleep better at night if you are holding mommas stuffed dog. Who knew all we needed to do to get sleep around here was to get you a puppy!?! All in all your little personality is so wonderful and we are loving watching you grow and hit all your new milestones. Get better little bubba, we love you!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby Making: Gunapod Wearable Blanket {GIVEAWAY}

Baby Making: Gunapod Wearable Blanket {GIVEAWAY}:

I know we personally LOVE the wearable Blankets for Eli, and would love to have more!! Check out this giveaway to win one for yourself!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mason Jar Monday (a few days late)

I dont know about you, but I have a current obsession with mason jars. They are such a cheap, multi-purpose accessory!! My weekend project for tomorrow will be a mason jar soap dispenser!! I will post pictures of how mine turns out as soon as its complete! Your goal for the weekend should be to locate your own set of mason jars to experiment with!! I know our local Ace store just had a sale 12 for 5.50!! What a steal. Any who...happy crafting!!

My Sweet Potato 3: 750 Fan Giveaway!

Check out this blog I follow for a great give away!!!

My Sweet Potato 3: 750 Fan Giveaway!

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Lilypie First Birthday tickers