Saturday, October 24, 2009

San Antonio

So, after seeing everyone I ever knew in life, and attending a wedding of Aarons cousin Rich, we finally made it to our anniversary celebration down in San Antonio. Now I am a sold out Texan, but honestly I had never been to the Alamo or the Riverwalk and according to my husband youre just not Texan until you have. So to celebrate our first year of marriage and solidify my Texanness we went Southbound 35 down to San Antone!!
The Menger Bar was the place Roosevelt actually recruited some of the ruff riders!!

Here are Aaron and I in front of the same cannon, how our different pictures represent our personalities :)!! Hes always so composed!! Me...well not so much! So glad opposites attract. And the middle is us posing on our Riverwalk Boat Tour!! I think this is a potential career for me. All you have to do is entertain folks for a half hour and ask for tips, please I am made for that!!

And of course last but not least the traditional in front of the Alamo pose!!! I love Texas!!

One Year

Aaron and I recently celebrated our one year anniversary. To celebrate we went back to the restaurant we ate at the night he proposed. His parents asked to see a reenactment, but Aaron said he was nervous enough the first time he was not doing that again. Im still not sure why, anyone who knows me knew I was ready to marry that man since the day I met him.
These pictures are of us following through on the year tradition of eating the top of the wedding cake. If I was going to give any newlyweds advice it would be to pass up this tradition. I dont love white cake that much anyway, and after a year in the freezer, I am for sure not a fan!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Alma Mater

So I spent the last few weeks in Texas, and although it was so good to see everyone, I honestly for the first time couldnt wait to be home, Tucson, AZ home!! Since I have moved out here, I have just been counting on the fact that one day we would move back to the state where God resides, but the truth is I am starting to think maybe He moved with us here to Arizona. While we were there it was 40 degrees and raining the entire time, but here, its 80 degrees and wonderfully sunny!! Oh home sweet home!!

But one thing that Arizona will never have on Texas is the great town of Belton, Texas. You know I couldnt road trip it from Dallas to San Antonio with out a stop at the old Alma Mater. Here is Aaron and I on our first trip to UMHB since our wedding. My goal is for him to one day become an honorary crusader!! GO CRU!!

We didnt bring a digital camera with a timer so we had to take turns in front of the sign :)!!

Here we are repin the cru with our "C"!! And here were are sad cuz we're leaving. Aarons face makes me laugh...looks like we need a lil practice on our sad faces :*(!!
Oh and for all fellow alumni, check out the website to download free UMHB ringers! With every text I know proudly here "Up with the Purple"

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