Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Aaron is a HUGE halloween fan. We have been stocking candy all month in anticipation of the trick or treaters!! Granted we've had to buy more because we ate the first batch but the point is that we're excited to see all the lil ones out and about in their costumes. We also love to carve pumpkins. We take a trip together to get all the pumpkins we want, search out a good new pattern and then get to work. Mine turned into a bit of a disaster this year, but his turned out great and SUPER scary!! Parents out there dont worry we removed the blade on the knife in case the chittlins started playing with our pumpkin!
Also todays blog wouldnt be complete without a shout out to my Daddy! Its his birthday today! Thats right, hes one of those halloween babies! Every year he selflessly spends the night passing out candy at the church instead of at home celebrating his birthday, so he deserves a lil shout out. Hes the nicest, most wonderful guy you'll ever meet. So happy birthday daddy, I love you.

The BIG 30

Thats right, I am officially married to an "old man"!! Aaron turned the big 30 yesterday and in order to celebrate we went to do something he hasnt done since he was a kid. Thats right we hit up the batting cages!! It took him a minute to get back in the umm "swing" of things but after that he looked like a regular ole pro!! You can also see pics of him openin presents!! But I must admit that the celebration started long before waking up yesterday. I wanted to do something special since this is a BIG birthday, so for the last month we have had 30 days of Aaron. Thats right, a lil gift every day :)!! If you dont know Aaron well you may not know that he is as bad as a child when it comes to Christmas or his birthday, he LOVES presents, and wants them all right then. There is no time to stop an play with one before we're on to the next one!! So this was both fun, and well some days hard for him, because the rule was ONLY 1 no matter what!! Anyway its been a good month, and great 30 years!! Although I've only known him for 10 of those years I must say he continues to get better with age :)!! So Happy Birthday to my one and only, heres to the next 30!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Week 13-The week I started breathing

After a long 3 months of keeping it quiet, and worrying about the baby its nice to get a good report and be able to tell everyone about our bug!! Here I am today, honestly I havent gained any weight yet, so this is more lunch than baby, but hey, at least it gives me a little bump : )!!

Week 12

Ok so probably not the best outfit for side photos considering it has a big ruffle down the front, but well its cute and you get the idea!!

Our Bug Due May 8

So Taryn also uses this name (hope you dont mind sharing ;)!)....but its so hard when you dont know if its a boy or girl growing in until we do we will refer to the lil one as our bug!!

Today was our 2nd appointment marking the end of our first trimester and we received wonderful news!! Our baby is alive and well with a strong heartbeat and active little arms and legs!! By now you all know the news but I thought you might want to see the lil one too! We made a small tweak to one picture, that is for all you in Texas. Heres to hoping our bug was giving us a clue that the Rangers are gonna pull it out tomorrow night back in Arlington.
In the top photo...thats right our bug is doing the claw!! And to the right you can see the super healthy, long spine, wow its gonna be a big bug!! :)!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 4

Our anniversary this year was very low key and wonderful. Aaron took me to this amazing shopping center here in town, let me pick out part of my presents :)!! and then followed that up with a romantic dinner and of course gelato!! Who could ask for more?

Here we are on the patio enjoying the beautiful Tucson weather!
We may not look as nice as we did 2 years ago on this day, but we are still very much in love.
So heres to two years of marriage!!!

Dinner with Friends

I can count on on hand the amount of time that we have had dinner with friends at our house since we've been married. Hmmm...yup done counting. Any who we met a couple a church this past year who is well basically just like us. They are totally not PC and well lets just say we may feed off each others bad habits. I would say Aaron and Chris more so than me and Shelby. Well all that to say we had the most fun at dinner the other night, and they even brought us the most beautiful bouquet of flowers! Just had to post a pic of their sweet gesture!


I havent been to Chicago in a couple years, but it was definitely fun to get to take Aaron back with me this time!! We hit up a few definite hotspots, Sears tower and Wrigley Field. If you know me at all you know that the sky box was well....not my idea. But hey at least it provided a pretty cool picture. Wrigley on the other hand, bucket list check for Aaron, and probably my sister who adds to hers as she goes. : )!!

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