Sunday, April 7, 2013

21 Months


We were back in Texas for your 21 Month birthday but thankfully GG had your shirt ready to roll for picture time.  Dad was out of town so you and I spent a couple weeks hanging with friends and family.  You were a trooper for sure...for 7 nights in a row we slept somewhere different which included 3 flights and 10 hours+ in the car.  I did however learn how much you loved the in car entertainment packaged that MJ has.  You were a sucker for watching movies while we drove, it entertained you for hours.  You did so good hanging out with Mr. Frank, Hays and Taylor.  You didnt even mind that I was gone for the afternoon and for that I am both thankful and sad.  I love that you're ok by yourself and love playing with your friends, but I do have to say sometimes I miss the sweet days where all you wanted was Mommy.  You're still the best snuggler around and would always prefer to share a bed with Mom and Dad if you had the choice.  You loved meeting lady Lennon but she really didnt love you...however Lake thought you were pretty funny!  You're a little unsure about MJ and Papaws house...the have huge puppies (deer) in the backyard and scary yet enticing machine called a 4 wheeler.  Its much bigger than the 4 wheeler you have at home with A LOT of fun buttons....but is loud...maybe we like?  At GG and Grandpas you were terrified of the train across the street and refused to go outside after hearing it come by.  Thankfully Grandpa had tons of empty boxes for building HUGE towers inside!!  All in all this month we learned you love to make loud noises but hate to hear them!!  Aunt Rae Rae can vouch for that since you were probably the loudest at her house!!  You also learned how to say most of the family names which is fun!  As a whole January was pretty fun for you and you learned tons just by being around all the other littles.  

We love watching you grown.  Happy 21 Months.

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