Sunday, April 7, 2013

22 Months


You're 22 Month picture session was cut short because I decided to shoot it at the park.  Unfortunately you took one turn down the side, freaked out and cried until I put you in the stroller to go home.  Thankfully however just as we were about to head home a little girl showed up and saved the day because as always you're a sucker for little girls.  You have been a HUGE flirt since you arrived and it only gets worse as you get older.  We're finally back at the gym/church since flu season is over and you are thrilled.  You absolutely love other little kids and now have no problem leaving mom and dad behind to play.  You're still in size 4 diapers and Dad as usual thinks you're under weight.  I however...think you're a tank!  You seem so big compared to all the other lil people your age and I think you will grow into a big strong man one day! You still love dance parties and I often think that Dads record player was more a gift for you than him.  You love to repeat every word you know in order.  So once you start talking its not so much sentences as just you bragging about your vocabulary.  You also love to use moms new camera and are constantly asking to take pictures...but are far less cooperative when it comes to me taking your picture.  You learned what it means to go under, over and though with our backyard fence and love to go "under" all the time.  You're totally unconcerned with the fact that it means laying down on rocks.  This last month you got to see A LOT of snow.  We took you to Denver and had a few snows here in Tucson.  You LOVED sledding down the small hills in Colorado but are a little unsure of all the layers we made you wear.  The gloves we especially confusing and will take some getting used to as you get older.  You were a champ again on the flights and we much enjoyed flying with you one last time for free!!  You're a huge fan of all the neighborhood dogs and spend much of the day asking me where the puppies are.  The same is true for your Dad....he was off a lot this last month so when you woke up to no dad you were very unsure of how you felt about that.  However no matter how much you miss him you still head straight for the dog every day when they get home.  One day soon you'll know your dad is much better than any ole puppy. 

We love you little Munch.  Happy 22nd Month!

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