Thursday, June 13, 2013

Eli Turns Two

Eli Wesson,

Where has the time gone.  It feels like just yesterday we were laughing at how you always sneezed in multiples and how tiny you looked in that huge car seat.  Now you're talking in sentences, helping around the house and have more personality than any person I have ever met.  You still have no interest in your ABC's but you are an expert at the IPAD and know that you use the credit card for charging.  What can I say, you're a mommas boy!!  You know that you're two but never say your name.  You refer to yourself as you since thats what you hear mom and dad say.  You will look at our family picture and say...Mommy, Daddy, you!!  Cracks us up every time.  You know the word "helper" and are constantly asking to be mom and dads helper.  You love to water the flowers, although you usually spend more time drinking from the hose, and anything that has to do with Dads truck or dirt bike has your name all over it.  You love to push things which means that dusting is one of your favorite activities.  You no longer mind the sound of the vacuum but still sit in the same spot on the couch that you always have as soon as I start cleaning.  You excitedly run outside every trash day to see the big truck.  You love to talk about " Yelly Bus" and "Horses".  You are a total water bug and would spend all day every day in the pool if we would let you.  You are still obsessed with all things sports and my car is never without at least 3 balls so that we have one everywhere we go.  You love your boots, rain and cowboy and think they go with everything.   You are at 100% for height coming in over 38.2 inches and weighing in over 30.6 lbs.  The doctor says you're tracking to be 6'4".  You wear a size 8 shoe and are in 2T clothes.  You still have very blue eyes and blonde hair. 

*If we show you a picture of the sun you think it is called a "bright"
*You sound Irish all the time when you ask for milk which you call "ma're"
*You crawled out of your crib the day after you turned two and have now taken up nightly residence on our're such a teenager
*When you like something you give us a thumbs up and say good stuff
*When we say what?  you say WHAT?  so funny

All in all youre hilarious and we love you more than ever.  Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

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  1. Handsome, handsome boy! He is only like 1 pound behind Hays :). You must be a great cook!


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