Monday, January 14, 2013

20 Months


You're 20 months year and growing up so quickly.  Sometimes it amazes me how smart you are.  This month you figured out you can turn off the lights in the house so you run around behind me turning them all off.  Too bad you're not quite tall enough to turn them back on!  You still weigh under 30 lbs because you're going 100mph from the minute your feet hit the floor.  The first words out of your mouth every morning are ball ball, shoot shoot.  We have basketball goals all over the house and you're obsessed!!  You know a lot of words and constantly remind us what you know.  Most times you'll use every word you know in a sentence. You'll say, Mommy, Daddy, Puppy, Dog, Ball, Outside, Shoe, Sock, Birdie...".  If we tell you no to something that you want you immediately follow it up with something else.  So if you ask to play "birdie" (angry birds) and here no you say "outside?"  You're a clever little munchkin I'll give you that.  You like to push the limits and are always trying to play with the electronics that you have been repedetly told not to touch.  You sleep about 10 hours a night but fight all the way down.  You're very sweet and love to give hugs and sugars, at least to your dad.  And prefer to not go to sleep at night until you have gotten a fist bump from dad.  You met your new cousin Audri this month and did amazing with her.  You were very curious and wanted to love on her but you're not quite aware of your own strength.  You had a blast at Christmas but are so particular about getting off every piece of paper that it took hours to open all your gifts.  You're starting to learn how to color better, but still break all the crayons :(!  Mostly you just want to play ball and need mom or dad to play with you, you dont like to do much on  your own yet.  You absolutely HATE santa and anything healthy to eat.  Most meals take an hour of just sitting there until you decide you're ready to eat.  You go through about a bottle of ketchup a month (may be an exaggeration) because you have to "dip" everything.  You call Rocky, Bot-T, dont know why but its pretty stinking cute.  You eat Welch's Fruity Snacks like they're going out of style, and still love a ton of milk.  Still no juice for you yet...yeah healthy teeth!!  You flew 2 more times this month and even got your own ticket on're growing up quickly. 

You're the cutest little man around and we love you very much!!

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  1. Becca,
    He looks so much like you! I lost your phone number but I've been thinking about you and wanting to get a hold of you. Call me or email me:)


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