Monday, January 14, 2013

19 Months


Well you are clearly now old enough to rip your numbers right off your shirt so this month we didnt even attach, I just had you hold it.  You're 19 months old and the big 2 years is closing in on us quickly.  You are seriously the funniest toddler I have ever met, I may be biased!
You still love our puppy very much and chase him around more than he would like.  You're happy all the time except bed time.  You still hate to sleep.  I have a feeling this will be something that will never change.  You have officially reached the 3 foot mark and are still growing like a week...not sure how long that convertible bed we invested in will last.  You never listen to me, and you get away with EVERYTHING.  Your down however has complete control and can simply look your way to get you to behave.  However, your quick attitude corrections usually have him running for the door to hide his laughter.  You love to give kisses and are still a HUGE flirt.  You've loved the ladies from the get go, and still do.  You are everyones favorite at the gym and walk around the place after moms work out high fiving and waving hello all the people.  You can now go down the "BIG" slides by yourself at the park, but it scared me to death because you're fearless.  You weigh about 28 lbs and are wearing 18-24 month clothes right on cue, but your legs are really long so I do my best to not put you in high waters.  Balls are still your favorite toy and all day everyday you ask me if you can go "outside, outside".  Hopefully it warms up soon so we can get out of the house again.  We are excited to celebrate your second Christmas and look forward to the last few months of you being one.  Love you.

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